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Welcome to Beyond Fitness Training & Coaching! We are a duly insured Personal Training and Coaching company located in Frederick, Maryland. Are you contemplating transforming your life into one of health and fitness? Do you have goals but are unsure where or how to start? We are here to coach, guide, and train you to achieve the best version of yourself! We focus on the PERSONAL in Personal Training to allow you to achieve life-long changes that will improve your overall wellbeing.

Our Mission


Our Methods

At Beyond Fitness Training & Coaching, the mission is YOUR goal(s).  Every session, routine, and coaching will be tailored to your specific goal(s).  We will deliver a unique program designed to meet your goal(s) by utilizing motivational and coaching techniques. Judgement is not acceptable at Beyond Fitness Training & Coaching. Many people are unaware of the benefits of investing in a Personal Trainer, which include:

1. Education: we are certified and trained through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and offer a plethora of exercising experience.

2. Accountability: we will hold you accountable for your performance.

3. Realistic goals: many untrained individuals do not achieve their goals because they set unrealistic expectations for themselves; our programs are customized to your goals to ensure proper progress.

4. Injury prevention: many fitness enthusiast incorrectly believe that exercising is solely about resistance training and they begin to lift an unreasonable amount of weight with improper form and posture, leading to injury; we will be there to coach and guide you to ensure each movement is executed appropriately and to develop a training program for you to properly progress through. Furthermore, we are adult/child First Aid and CPR/AED certified.

5. Personalized plans: each routine has YOUR goals in mind; you will not be exposed to programs that do not meet your objectives/expectations.

6. Motivation: it is easy to give-up and lose focus; we will be there for you to continuously motivate you to achieve your goals.

7. More than fitness: we will coach, mentor, and train you to achieve the best version of yourselves; fitness achievements occur outside of the gym as well.

We are here for you! Our training sessions can be delivered in multiple manners; in-home training, a gym facility, remote locations (i.e. a park), or virtual. For those interested in sessions outside of the gym, we provide an array of fitness equipment to include: dumbbells (3 – 45 lbs.), Bosu, balance balls, agility ladders, barbells, training steps and stools, sliding discs, kettlebell, resistance bands, bench, striking mitts, among other equipment. Each piece of equipment is available to every client and will be utilized appropriately depending on the training phase.

As clients progress through a consistent program while maintaining an appropriate level of intensity and nutritional discipline, the following can be expected:

Body Shape

With time, consistency, dedication, and intensity, your body will begin to adapt to the new stressors introduce to it, allowing you to notice positive physical changes.


For those seeking hypertrophy, maximum strength, and power, our programs can be designed to deliver extreme training.


We will provide the routines and you introduce intensity; a recipe certain for caloric burning and a feeling of change.


Our circuit training routines will surely meet and exceed the expectations of those seeking a HIIT workout.

Training Strategy

Fitness Equipments

Depending on each client's fitness goals, we will coach you to progress through different phases of training. This will ensure that your body progressively adapts to the stressors placed on it as it prepares for more advanced training. Each level consists of cardiovascular, resistance, flexibility, reactive (plyometrics), and SAQ (speed, quickness, agility) training. Some clients may elect to skip certain phases; i.e. hypertrophy and/or maximum strength.

Stability Endurance (Level 1 - Phase 1)

In this level of training, we will work with you to develop proper posture, balance, and equilibrium. Training sessions consists of utilizing body weight, free weights, and movements in conjunction with balance balls and stability equipment.

Strength Endurance (Level 2 - Phase 2)

In this level, training will have a stronger focus on resistance training in combination with stability. Routines consists of exercises that allow you to develop strength endurance. Superset combinations become common within these training sessions.

Hypertrophy (Level 2 - Phase 3)

Hypertrophy is not a goal for every client and thus can be skipped, as this training focuses on more volume with the intention of increasing muscular size. However, for those having a goal of increasing muscle size, training sessions focus on moderate rep ranges with an increase in volume.

Maximum Strength (Level 2 - Phase 4)

Maximum strength is another category that some clients may elect to bypass. This phase will benefit those focused on improving their overall strength, as well as those involved in hypertrophy training. The training sessions focus on low rep ranges with high intensity. In this phase, we would work in the area of your 1RM (1 rep max).

Power (Level 3 - Phase 5)

In the Power phase, we will work on your rate of force production. While the name may sound intimidating to some, this phase of training consists of many routines that clients find enjoyable. You will engage in super sets, working with power level exercises along with maximum strength routines. Explosive movements are also performed in this phase.


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