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My name is Marlon and I am a Certified Personal Trainer and the Founder of Beyond Fitness Training & Coaching located in Frederick, Maryland. I am certified and registered as a Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Additionally, I am certified and trained in adult and child First Aid and CPR/AED through the American Red Cross. To offer each client a more robust training experience, we will soon offer Nutritional Coaching, along with other important areas of fitness training.


My goal as your trainer is to coach and guide you Beyond Fitness. The strategies used will ultimately allow you to enjoy a healthier life, while improving your body's physique, mental well being, and overall acceptance of yourself through confidence. I will focus on providing you with a safe and enjoyable environment, always dedicated to your goals.

To offer each client a safe and comfortable experience, training sessions can be held one-on-one in-home (I provide all equipment), at a remote location (i.e. a park or other convenient location - I provide all equipment), or virtually. Furthermore, training sessions can be conducted at other gym facilities, I only ask that the 'guest fee' be covered by you.

Group training is also available remotely. Additionally, I am also available to provide corporate fitness/wellness sessions. Through my NASM training, I have learned and continue to develop techniques to work with individuals of all ages and fitness levels. If you're a senior citizen simply looking to remain active, I have a plan for you. If your goal is to lose weight, come see me and we will achieve your goals. If you have exercising experience and simply want to learn to put your knowledge into a well rounded and developed plan, we can work together. I also work with youth ages 7-13 with sessions consisting of 45 minutes of enjoyable activities. For you to see results, all I ask is that you devote yourself to training, be consistent, put in maximum effort, and take care of yourself during those hours in which we don't train.

Our Specialization

Military/Law Enforcement: As a former member of the U.S. Military and active Law Enforcement Sergeant, I have experienced and am very familiar with military boot camp training as well as Law Enforcement academy training. These experiences allow me to deliver specialized training to those individuals interested in such a career and who are preparing for these endeavors. Staying true to our name of Beyond Fitness, we will gladly answer any questions you may have regarding these trainings as part of your training plan. We promise you will appreciate training with us in preparation for this rigorous experience!

First time fitness enthusiasts: Beyond Fitness Training & Coaching all started due to us training a friend that came seeking guidance in losing weight. At 36 years old, Juan began exercising consistently for the first time when he reached out to us. Juan went from weighing 249 pounds to 218 pounds and counting! We are extremely proud to have coached Juan to achieve his goal, which he continues to design into his adjusting goals. We have the right attitude, techniques, strategies, and motivation to help you achieve your weight loss or strength goals as Juan did!

Don't procrastinate on beginning a journey that will change your life. Personal training is an investment in your health, which is priceless!


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