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We are committed to you, and for this reason, we offer discounts on extended plans. Simply said, the more sessions you book, the less the cost per session.  We do this in efforts to motivate you to train longer and consistently.  The goal is to allow our clients the most benefit from training by making it affordable through packages.

In-home and remote location sessions include a small fee for the transportation of all necessary equipment, as well as our longer commute as opposed to local gyms. We are located in Frederick County, but available for travel to surrounding areas.

We are certified to train with every type of client: whether you are a youth, middle aged adult, or a senior, we offer programs suitable to you.  Each session will be focused on the client's level of endurance and fitness, thus preventing injury and overtraining. Our goal is for you to acquire the necessary skills to provide yourself with adequate training down the road.

We focus on transparency as a core value. We wish for every client to know that the results will be based on your commitment, intensity, self-monitoring, and overall attitude. We promise to deliver unique, dedicated, and personalized training and coaching, but each client must also understand that time outside of training is perhaps more crucial than time exercising. Nutritional habits, sleeping patterns, and other social behaviors will impact your overall results.

*Before scheduling a session, we highly encourage that you take advantage of our free Introductory Consultation. The Introductory Consultation will allow you to confirm how we can assist you in reaching your fitness goals. Furthermore, we will provide you with information for your first session and answer any questions you may have. This is an excellent opportunity for us to become a team and learn from one another.*

We offer a low-cost Introductory Session, which can be used in conjunction with our Introductory Consultation to further learn our style.


The more sessions you schedule, the bigger the discount!  See our listing below for great packages at awesome rates!  Don't wish to commit to a month... then you can try one of our session packages.


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